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1984 - 2018


Gathara & Partners Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers was established by the Principal Engineer and Managing Partner, Engineer James Gathara in 1984, after having worked in various senior positions as a UNESCO research fellow, design engineer with various firms of consulting engineers, and the Government of Kenya, as well as a lecturer at the Nairobi University Civil and Construction Department.

Gathara and Partners Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers have over the past 29 years acquired the capacity, experience and resources to undertake variedl consultancy services in civil, structural and construction engineering. The firm has rendered quality professional services to Government ministries, Local Authorities, Corporate organizations, Public and Private Companies, Religious Organisations as well as individuals.


The key to the success of our business is our staff, and hence Gathara and Partners Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers in Kenya is committed to the continuous professional development of its staff and encourages this through training, external seminars and ensuring that most of the engineers are members of the relevant professional bodies. The staff are passionate about their work and all are encouraged to develop not only their technical skill, but also their managerial and creative skills. The team adopts a personal approach to each project, hence resulting in the satisfaction of our clients who provide us with repeat business and recommendations of our work to others.

Gathara and Partners Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers in Kenya has two offices in Nairobi, Kenya:   one in Hurlingham and the other in Kilimani, two kilometres away. The head office at Hurlingham under the Principal Engineer and Managing Partner, Eng. James Gathara, deals with all the adminstrative work as well as undertaking designs and management of most of the Civil and Structural Engineering projects. The branch office at Kilimani, under the Senior Partner, CEng. Sheila Mwarangu compliments the main office in all aspects of design, production of drawings, and project management.


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